Partnering for success:
Bringing more than just capital

Partnership means the world to us.  A good partner is someone you can trust, brings complementary expertise, and has a mentality of service. This is the kind of partner we aim to be for all our stakeholders.

Why Partner With Us?

Why Partner With Us?

Laser Focused

As professionals in the field, our team has deep passion and expertise in energy.
MBEP solely invests in energy transition companies.

Many capital providers to the new energy sectors are either diversified industrial funds or general energy funds who do not have market expertise to bear.

We have a unique focus among private equity firms investing in lower/middle market companies.

We are committed to the energy transition and moving toward a cleaner future.

Service Oriented Partners

We are more than capital, we serve our partners.
A value-added service partner to high-growth and entrepreneurial companies.

Accelerated growth:  In addition to growth capital, we bring experience to acquisitive growth strategies, corporate capitalization optimization, and strategic partnership formations.

Building a team:  Our networks encompass a wide base of energy and finance executives that can be tapped at the right time to help our partners build the right growth-oriented team.

Getting ready for exit:  We bring extensive experience in exit strategies from IPO, recapitalizations, and strategic sales.  We understand how to position for maximum value. 

A Fitting Culture

We bring the entrepreneurial spirit to the investment world.
We are scrappy.  We are go-getters.  We are trailblazers.  We believe this matches the culture of the entrepreneurs with whom we partner.  

Our nimble investment model avoids the “square peg in a round hole” problem caused by narrow mandates, matching the nimble culture of our partner companies.

Connect with a team that helps you grow.