Our decisions are guided by our values

The most productive partnerships are rooted in shared fundamental values.  We believe that our adherence to these values, and investing in companies who also share them, is critical to achieving outsized results.

Our Values


Aim to do the right thing, even if it’s the hard thing.


Error on the side of over communicating with partners and stakeholders.


Be good partners by being present, working hard as part of the team, and doing what we say.


Always look through a lens of well-guided objective analysis.

ESG is about being a positive force in the world, and being held accountable for making it happen. MB supports implementation of best practices in all aspects of ESG.


Beyond being a climate-oriented investor, we support our partners in adhering to all applicable environmental standards and regulations.


We implement best practice governance and board processes to maximize accountability and transparency for all stakeholders.


We support our portfolio company’s initiatives to implement social initiatives within their organizations and communities.


We believe in investing in businesses that are improving the world around us.

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